Mad Insanity

Sometimes I can’t differentiate what’s real and what’s not
I can’t tell reality from mental fabrication
I can’t tell unspoken voices from actual sounds
I just listen and heed what it says
Sometimes I know what’s actually there but I choose what’s not
I See the things that hurt yet I take the leap
Not of faith in what I seek but in dreams that don’t exist
I believe in things just because everyone else doesn’t
I never learn my lesson from falling
I see pictures drawn so well, they move and have stories to tell
They’re all scared and need my help
They’re all pure hearted, innocent and naïve like I am but all in my head
I know what’s real but reject it
I refuse to believe that all humans are of deceit
I see love in every being
I see stars in their eyes
I believe love will surely outshine
I see things that are not there
I feel things that are unclear
So am easily deceived
Am always the deceased
I see stars shinning at noon day
I see patterns drawn on people’ face
I know their names from far away
They call me crazy
But I just see differently


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