The Aftermath of War

I started a war for you
To conquer the world for saying no to us
For thinking our love was just not enough
But as I drew my sword against the world
You drew yours against me
I was all too blind to see
And all this while I’ve been fighting blindly and losing
Losing cos I fought for the one that fought against me

I finally accepted my fate that I lost
and threw my hands up
So you let me walk away with my life
Yet I begged for a mercy killing
Cos the battle wound wasn’t healing
Well, so you know, life is still a fight
Cos every now and then I feel the emptiness
My heart beat loses count
It tugs in my chest
Its knocks on my ribcage
at the memory of your name

So don’t go thinking you did me such a favour
That am better off now that you’re emperor
You’re the one with the heart of valour
But am no traitor
You are and am mad
You turned your back on me first
And I thought you had me covered
Anyway all that was yesterday

Am in a wheel chair now
My heart still beats but I don’t feel
People come around but you’re all I see
I see your evil grin on their faces
And with all the love they claim
I never tell them my real name
Cos I know you sent them to end my pain


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