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Love’ Better Half

​Humbled by your love

My hate fades into oblivion

Brightened by your wisdom

My ignorance shatters into photons

Amazed by your innocence

My flaws run out the door

Captured by your laughter

My frown ignites into smiles

Graced by your mercy

My wrath bursts into dust

Lost in the shadow of sorrow

To your joyful gaze of coy I braced

From filth, shame and guilt you saved

In love your all you gave

Time and time again

The definition of my joy is you,

Halcyon moments of brightest hue

You are the “happy” in my “ness”

My light in days of darkness

You are the face of my smile

Held in your arms

My fears fled into merry tears

Love struck by your beauty

My beasty looks lose significance

Blessed by your gentleness

My wrath sublimes into peace

Embraced by your kiss

My drawn being drowns in bliss

You’re the reason I be

The perfect half of me

I love you constantly

Now and still

For you’re my Konstan-tin

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​You stood in my face

And said I should grow

Yet I was 23 years old

You shut me down

Like a troubled child

I was your baby

And I thought you were mine

I knew I was crazy

But thought you’d understand

That men become babies when

Love changes hands

All our plans..

How I cry and nag

All my silly demands

And all my petty tantrums

I’ve been a bad baby

Just say you’re grounded

But take me back

Say go to your room

and don’t come out

Then bring me dinner in bed

I miss you like a hungry child

I miss you like mother’s milk 

I miss you like ice cream stake

I miss you and it can’t be faked

I miss you and am going insane

I miss you and its too much pain

I miss you most on children’ day

Thought mothers didn’t run away

They don’t throw their babies away

They forgive and retreat bruises

They tuck in their babies with kisses

No matter how ugly or skinny

My mummy sent me away

Yet I love her, I love her anyway.
I miss you like a lost child

I miss you like mother’s touch 

I miss you like my favourite toy

I miss you and it can’t be faked

I miss you and its driving me insane

I miss and its too much pain

I miss you most on mother’s day

I miss my baby

Does she miss me the same?

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Jumping Genes

Sons tend to make same mistakes as fathers

Daughters tend to fall at the same place as mothers
We blindly follow the history of their shadows
But unconsciously walk the same mile

I am my father’s son
I look in the mirror and smile
Is it fate, destiny or just a mistake of mine
Here I stand where he stood, shaking

I fall in the same pit to meet him bleeding

He looks at me with a bitter grin
Son, take not my path lest you bruise your skin
I wake up and its morning but its dark
The time is tick tocking but so fast
I’ll make this mistake no more, not at all!
Standing tall, brave…but am mother’s son
I smile as she smiled, cry as she cried

And die as she died

I am in the same wrong
She showed me the trap that I stepped on
I am my father’s son

Thirty years later and I still run
from my own genes and father’s sins
Somehow I forgot and fell
and in a dream it caught up with me
I forgot to pray
My hair turned grey
And then I woke up in father’s grave
Only to see him in my face
Standing over me in tears

But this time as my own son