Jumping Genes

Sons tend to make same mistakes as fathers

Daughters tend to fall at the same place as mothers
We blindly follow the history of their shadows
But unconsciously walk the same mile

I am my father’s son
I look in the mirror and smile
Is it fate, destiny or just a mistake of mine
Here I stand where he stood, shaking

I fall in the same pit to meet him bleeding

He looks at me with a bitter grin
Son, take not my path lest you bruise your skin
I wake up and its morning but its dark
The time is tick tocking but so fast
I’ll make this mistake no more, not at all!
Standing tall, brave…but am mother’s son
I smile as she smiled, cry as she cried

And die as she died

I am in the same wrong
She showed me the trap that I stepped on
I am my father’s son

Thirty years later and I still run
from my own genes and father’s sins
Somehow I forgot and fell
and in a dream it caught up with me
I forgot to pray
My hair turned grey
And then I woke up in father’s grave
Only to see him in my face
Standing over me in tears

But this time as my own son



  1. The line ‘die as she died’ really stuck with me as I read this.
    A friend of mine past away this year and a few months before his death we had been talking about how he was falling into the same trappings that his mother had and he was worried he would meet the same end.
    You really captured the way in which family influences life. Beautiful writing.


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