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The Pill

Written by : Elysian Huyz

Before we go any further

there’s something scary you must know

And after this you can just run away,

You’re under no obligation to stay.
You see I’ve never been lucky with love

I always get too deeply involved,

For me love is an addictive drug.

I always want too much even when it hurts,

After every episode of untimely outburst

I wake up unconscious on the floor.
I take one pill at first

Until I can no longer control the lost

Then I take three, four or more

Sincerely, sometimes I forget to keep scores

It goes on and on and on, then off and on

Until am unaware of myself and drowning in regret two heartbreaks later
Anyway, this pill is a pretty piece of flesh

Dipped in snake venom coloured red

And implanted in a hopeless romantic

Brown eyed slender faced nerdy guy named fred

Who has a mindless yearning for happy endings.
I fall deeply

With the hope that your heart would soon

Beat as heavily as mine

That your eyes would sink as deep as mine


I always want too much even when it hurts
After every episode of untimely outburst

I wake up unconscious on the floor
I take one pill…three…four…or more…
Art: Lena Sotskova

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Temptation Phase

Written by : Elysian Huyz

Anyways I can foretell one ending to this story.

In case I wake up tomorrow and I don’t remember you I want you to know

That I wrote a poem specially for you.

A poem you’ll never get to read,

That’s why am taking my time to say goodbye in case I don’t get the chance to compromise.

I want you to know..

If I could love again I’d choose to love you

If the throb of my heart could tug again I’d give it to you

If my eyes could glow once more I’d only look at you

So if I wake up tomorrow and I forget how I feel today

I’d be grateful I got to behold your lovely gaze

The quiver of my bones is thankful, for in that short moment, I knew happiness with you.

If I wake up in the morning remembering nothing but my grievous past

If am overshadowed by scrambled memories 

and I end up a blank slate

Look at me, smile and walk past

Knowing am way passed saving 

Smile knowing I would have given up the love I can’t seem to let go….for you.

Yours truly,

Elysian Huyz. 

 Art :  Connie Chadwell

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She’s more myself than I am

Written by Elysian Huyz

These days am so busy I don’t have time to think,

The job doesn’t pay much but I do it anyways 

It takes so much that at the end of the day I don’t have energy enough to feel

I just fall into the loneliest corner of my bed and drain out whatever memory I had of you.

This is a good thing,

Considering am an insomniac.

It usually takes 30 minutes before I realize I should probably sleep.

Then thoughts of impending doom start flying into my head.

Am sorry,

Lately I’ve not been able to write.

I get inspiration once in a while,

When she mistakenly trips into my mind.

Then it aches… 

My mind,

My heart,

I don’t know which. 


Beautiful Mondays

I love Mondays.

But Sundays

Mundane Sundays,

I abandoned the father 

So on Sundays I don’t get down on my knees to pray 

I just sit and reminice on the pain 

The incident  that occurred 7 months 

20 days and some hours ago

No,  am not counting. 

 Am sorry you left me

It was probably my fault

Probably because I didn’t realize how empty I’d be without you breathing down my neck,

I didn’t realize how important you were

I thought you’d always be there

Always be mine

I never dreamt of leaving you so I felt our dreams were the same.

How insane.

So this is just a futile attempt to hide from you

But it’s working,

At least for the time being.

Last night I had a dream which  confirms that you’re rooted in my subconscious.

I was on a road,

I saw you from a distance 

Running away.

From what I couldn’t understand.

So as I always do I went down that road chasing after you. 

In the dream I catch up with you

You hug me and  kiss me 

You say you miss me

You regret leaving

You love me. 

As I write this, the dream fades from my mind,

the scenery of your elusive presence is erased.

I woke up realizing it was night and I was alone


You were never here all along.


Tomorrow is Monday 

But no matter how hard I work

No matter how hard I try to forget,

I can never for get myself 

And that’s what I made you into – me.

So when Monday comes I’ll continue my futile efforts to get rid of the you in myself.

Art: Wyeth Andrew

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Written by Elysian Huyz 

I close my eyes and cry with a loud voice
This cannot be of my own choice
Why can’t I escape?
Why can’t I break the chains?
I try to open my eyes but I can’t
Feeling a deep burn in my left chest
I try to arise from the casket
but I can not move
I try to blink, to move my hand

but am in slow motion in sinking sand

I scream but the sound’s stuck in my throat, no one’ here-in

Then I knew!

This would be the end.

I relent, letting the darkness take my hand
Then a bright blinding light came before my eyes
I see myself at a table in a dark room
Then I unconsciously start to write
On what or with what I knew not
I wrote as I cried
Stories of all our lives

Warnings to this our time

Of things that were and are to come.

Humans beware…


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How does it feel to be called daddy?

After two abortions you’d think I should know 

How does it feel to be a murderer? 

How does it feel to squeeze life out death?

I guess I’ll never know.

What is deserving of some one who takes what he can not give? 

Who made us Supreme? 

Who made me God? 

Who deserves to die and who deserves life? 

My sun

My mum should have aborted me

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No Title 

Written by Elysian Huyz 
I’m not much of a story teller

But this story I must tell

Its about someone you know

You pass her by everyday

You see him in class in a corner

You try not to look in his face

You say she’s not yours to save

As you give reasons to look away

His name is huyz and he likes to write

Her name is Ann, she has brown eyes

But you probably don’t know

You’ve never gone close or said hello

To you he is invisible

And if you associate it’ll spoil your name

She dresses funny and cries at night

He is shy and has an introverted mind

With a bleeding heart that hurts as it beats 

He smiles and laughs as a mask

She wears her headphones every time,

A futile effort to silence the screams within

Yes, you’ve seen him walk by

With her face pinned to the ground

You stared, turnd aroubd and sook your head

What a weird fella you said to yourself

You never really tried to understand

You just watched and judged all her faults

Last November you didn’t see him for a while

You didn’t notice or bother to ask why

After all, she’s not your friend so why pretend

You give a damn? 

There was an accident the night you passed him by

Her mother died but she survived

The only one that cared had left to the skies

He was left alone, broken and petrified

She grow up not knowing her dad, mum was all she had

Deep down he wishes he died that night as well

For life seemed less torturous than a firry hell

She had always felt strange and insecure

But that December was out of control and too cold

Yes, you didn’t know…before January she lost a soul

He was laid to rest side his mum but I guess you didn’t know. 

This is a very hard story for me to tell

And unlike fairytales it didn’t end so well.

Would the odd feeling in your belly disappear

If I told you this story’s from my head?

Well…you conclude, what do you think?

Am not saying you should care

Be superman, read minds

Fly in the air saving hearts in despair

But next time you pass by…stop by

Next time in class…say Hi

Consider trying to ask why

Smile at her

Wave cheerfully from afar


Attempt to understand

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Written by Elysian Huyz

You don’t deserve to cry
The pain isn’t really yours
So let it go with all your flaws
You’re beautifully made, am sure
Forget the lies of the otherwise
God loves you and so do I
Quench the flames of hate and despise

Seed your heart with love and life
The scars you think of all the time
And the bitter memories in your mind
Are proof of how strong you are
Move on and leave your past afar
The burden you carry is not your own
Heavy as stone their pain pull you below
Take the world off your shoulder
You don’t have to hold on any longer

The price has been paid so why try
To carry the cross the second time
He sneaks into your mind
Tells you you’ll not be fine
He lies…!!
He shows you a picture
Of a very sad future
Don’t worry, he’s blind
Lying, because he saw you flying

If you’re scared don’t hide
Look by your side and hold my hand
What you’re looking for is not behind
Stop pretending you don’t feel anything
You’re always defending for fear of hurting
But what is love without pain?

Photography : A painting by Richard Jackson 

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​All for love by Flawless Edward

 She was a stutter 

Known for her temper  

But he loved her dearly

Her actions were malicious

But he gave blind eyes 

His life was sailing smooth 

Until she got involved

And made a wreck of it 

Expect him to thaw out  

And get disappointed 

For love has intoxicated him

He is drunk in love 

You’ll think him sane

Until he toddles back to her 

Leaving you to wonder 

If love is indeed blind?

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It’s not you, It’s me

Would you forgive me
If I leave you and run away?
This love’s unending
And piercing.
We’re not thinking clearly,
Would you forget me
Erase me completely.
If I disappear into the dark
This love’s shivering
Its flickering
And soon would extinguish.
Our hearts are deceiving
and selfish
Desiring extinct wishes
We’re no good
And are produce are bitter
Better let this deter
Our hearts, lest we shatter
Like broken silver
Like a desert and a river
Like a bridge without pillars
We’ll crumble
We’ll fall
Let’s let go…this once