One snort at a time

One draw and am stuck

Just a sight of her and am blind

Somehow she picked the lock

A big blow to my mind.

Blood rush into the veins blocked

Again my heart floods,
One kiss on the cheek turns two,
Then three.
One whisper and am the fool

Cos I won’t set me free

When am with the key. 

A glance lingers into a stare

And a stare into a nightmare.

Is it love?

For am not prepared

Its onething am not sureof

I hate this cocaine

But I love her for am frail
It takes and takes in vain
I chase, break and then inhale
She comes, goes and then stays
Stop! No! Alright okay…
Kiss me then run away

Gosh! It happened again.

Woke up on the bathroom floor,

  • Woke up to her received calls,

Guess the breakup didn’t work
I give up!

Why fight when you can’t win
Why pray when you’ll still sin
Love is stuck within me

Its cocaine



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