Define by Jacob Ibrag

Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘I need to leave and talking about it further isn’t going

to change a thing.’ Standing in front of the door, he opened up

his arms and pleaded for reason. ‘Just help me understand, define what

these last few months have been. I’ll be better, I swear!’ Getting on his knees,

he looked at the floor below as it collected his tears. ‘There is nothing you can

do,’ she gently whispered. ‘I wasn’t forged for a place like this and a person like

you. You deserve someone that is real, a soul that is capable of unconditional

caring. I can’t define the past few months, just know that you saved me.’

As she closed her eyes, an energy portal appeared in the window,

‘I’ll see you in my dreams, you beautiful human being.’

Define –

Thought I should share.


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