Written by Elysian Huyz

You don’t deserve to cry
The pain isn’t really yours
So let it go with all your flaws
You’re beautifully made, am sure
Forget the lies of the otherwise
God loves you and so do I
Quench the flames of hate and despise

Seed your heart with love and life
The scars you think of all the time
And the bitter memories in your mind
Are proof of how strong you are
Move on and leave your past afar
The burden you carry is not your own
Heavy as stone their pain pull you below
Take the world off your shoulder
You don’t have to hold on any longer

The price has been paid so why try
To carry the cross the second time
He sneaks into your mind
Tells you you’ll not be fine
He lies…!!
He shows you a picture
Of a very sad future
Don’t worry, he’s blind
Lying, because he saw you flying

If you’re scared don’t hide
Look by your side and hold my hand
What you’re looking for is not behind
Stop pretending you don’t feel anything
You’re always defending for fear of hurting
But what is love without pain?

Photography : A painting by Richard Jackson 


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