No Title 

Written by Elysian Huyz 
I’m not much of a story teller

But this story I must tell

Its about someone you know

You pass her by everyday

You see him in class in a corner

You try not to look in his face

You say she’s not yours to save

As you give reasons to look away

His name is huyz and he likes to write

Her name is Ann, she has brown eyes

But you probably don’t know

You’ve never gone close or said hello

To you he is invisible

And if you associate it’ll spoil your name

She dresses funny and cries at night

He is shy and has an introverted mind

With a bleeding heart that hurts as it beats 

He smiles and laughs as a mask

She wears her headphones every time,

A futile effort to silence the screams within

Yes, you’ve seen him walk by

With her face pinned to the ground

You stared, turnd aroubd and sook your head

What a weird fella you said to yourself

You never really tried to understand

You just watched and judged all her faults

Last November you didn’t see him for a while

You didn’t notice or bother to ask why

After all, she’s not your friend so why pretend

You give a damn? 

There was an accident the night you passed him by

Her mother died but she survived

The only one that cared had left to the skies

He was left alone, broken and petrified

She grow up not knowing her dad, mum was all she had

Deep down he wishes he died that night as well

For life seemed less torturous than a firry hell

She had always felt strange and insecure

But that December was out of control and too cold

Yes, you didn’t know…before January she lost a soul

He was laid to rest side his mum but I guess you didn’t know. 

This is a very hard story for me to tell

And unlike fairytales it didn’t end so well.

Would the odd feeling in your belly disappear

If I told you this story’s from my head?

Well…you conclude, what do you think?

Am not saying you should care

Be superman, read minds

Fly in the air saving hearts in despair

But next time you pass by…stop by

Next time in class…say Hi

Consider trying to ask why

Smile at her

Wave cheerfully from afar


Attempt to understand


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