Written by Elysian Huyz 

I close my eyes and cry with a loud voice
This cannot be of my own choice
Why can’t I escape?
Why can’t I break the chains?
I try to open my eyes but I can’t
Feeling a deep burn in my left chest
I try to arise from the casket
but I can not move
I try to blink, to move my hand

but am in slow motion in sinking sand

I scream but the sound’s stuck in my throat, no one’ here-in

Then I knew!

This would be the end.

I relent, letting the darkness take my hand
Then a bright blinding light came before my eyes
I see myself at a table in a dark room
Then I unconsciously start to write
On what or with what I knew not
I wrote as I cried
Stories of all our lives

Warnings to this our time

Of things that were and are to come.

Humans beware…



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