Temptation Phase

Written by : Elysian Huyz

Anyways I can foretell one ending to this story.

In case I wake up tomorrow and I don’t remember you I want you to know

That I wrote a poem specially for you.

A poem you’ll never get to read,

That’s why am taking my time to say goodbye in case I don’t get the chance to compromise.

I want you to know..

If I could love again I’d choose to love you

If the throb of my heart could tug again I’d give it to you

If my eyes could glow once more I’d only look at you

So if I wake up tomorrow and I forget how I feel today

I’d be grateful I got to behold your lovely gaze

The quiver of my bones is thankful, for in that short moment, I knew happiness with you.

If I wake up in the morning remembering nothing but my grievous past

If am overshadowed by scrambled memories 

and I end up a blank slate

Look at me, smile and walk past

Knowing am way passed saving 

Smile knowing I would have given up the love I can’t seem to let go….for you.

Yours truly,

Elysian Huyz. 

 Art :  Connie Chadwell


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