To my beloveth Demon

Written by Elysian Huyz

To my beloved demon

who doesn’t love me anymore.

Two months after, it doesn’t hurt as much,

At least not as much as it used to,

Not what I got used to.

I am man enough to admit I appreciate your silence

It kept me from running out my mind

Every missed call,

Every ignored text led me farther away from insanity.

I just want to say thank you

for breaking me into a thousand pieces

Your cruelty made me into the monster I am today

Its the picture of your smiling face as you walked away with my essence in your hand

That gives me strength to sleep at night after I make someone else pay for your crime.

After all, the entire world is terrible.

You and I are insignificant proof of that evil.

I hated you for the first two months

But now I owe you my gratitude

You were the reason I couldn’t sleep at night

Now you are the reason I do.

Thank you.


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