Why Roses are Red

Written by Elysian Huy

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If I knew the right thing to do
Our moon wouldn’t be half full

Thats a polite way to say am confused
and I don’t know what to do.
All my strength’s gone,
The only thing left is my love for you.
There’s no push or fight left in my bones
So if you let go now I’d float away

A promise is a promise and
Word is bound.
My I love you I can’t return
So I’d love you and no one else,
I’d love you with or without regrets
Cos that’s what I said.
I wouldn’t leave cos I said I’d stay,
These lips would never kiss anyone else even when pressed against a stone
And my dreams would always remind me of when we were golden
When you loved me a little less than I loved you

You can go
Go see the world
Go climb mountains
Go swim fountains
Go around the world and when you return I’d be right were you left me

For your love to love me once again or leave me to be free.

Art : AzimuthArt @ Deviant Art


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