Written by Elysian Huyz

Our father

Who art in heaven

Its been a while, 

My name is heathen

If you remember

We spoke twice last year

Anyways that’s by the way

That’s not why am here

Well, I know am an infidel 

That’s why I kiss and tell

Forgive me if you can

If not I await hell

You see mama hasn’t been well

My pride has kept my knee unbent 

Its getting worse

Am at a critical loss

I am much to blame

I caused her too many troubled days

Now I know we’re not good friends

Never in good terms

This is where our ends meet

So let’s make a deal

I’ll give you my soul

My life if you please

Just give mama a new beginning.


And permit me to walk away.

At the end I win

Cos the soul was yours all along

Art : Luke Hillestad


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