Homo erectus


Written by Elysian Huyz

At the end of the light we are not just people, ordinary people. We are the reason the world turns, the reason the sun burns. We are reason the earth quivers and breaks, the reason it cracks and shakes, the reason the seas dance, the reason they fly and fall, creep and crawl into homes and shores. We are the earth, the mother and the child, the reason the forests yawn and cry, wither and die. We are the crazy and the mild, the lazy and the damned. We are the aliens beneath the skies, the darkness within our eyes.  We are the pride,  the ego of the tried. We are the guilty, the acquitted. We are the son, Adam’s only begotten scorn.We are the reason the mountains roar in fear, we are the reason for the beginning, we are the end. We are God’s chosen.


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