My name is Elysian and am a “wanna be writer”. Writing has never been my thing, in fact I hated literature, especially poetry. I was more science inclined, maybe that’s why I find writing so tasking now.

I started writing as a way of relief. I was a very introverted teen, one with busting flames of emotions, emotions I could not express. I had this crush in High school, I crushed on her for three years yet unable to tell her or even go close enough to her to tell her lol. Well, after I lost the chance of ever telling her how I felt regret kicked in. At that point in my life I felt so alone, and then one day I started to write. I wrote about my crush ofcourse, and how much I regret not being able to let her know. That first poem was a mess but it introduced me to poetry. After that first poem I kept on writing, then I didn’t call it poetry, I called it “heart pour” cos I felt it wasn’t worthy of that title.

The point of this boring background story is to prepare readers for the type of content on this blog. It is mostly personal, cos I guess am so selfish that I can only write about what I feel. So when you read and come upon an error or extreme content please try not to judge. Thank you.

Yours emotionally

Elysian Huyz


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