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I didn’t Fight Back

It came upon me at the dead of night
Usually I’d try to scream, kick around,
Try to move towards the light, despite
every effort I still wake up with scars
So this time am not going to try
to escape the gapping hole I’ll just lay
and let it unfold

It came
in it’s usual way
few seconds after I prayed
I felt my essence, soul or whatever keeps us alive drain out of me but this time I didn’t mind
cos there are some things you can’t rewind
no matter how hard you fight it’ll happen in time
It came, laid next to me
maybe it noticed I didn’t even shake
so it crawled on me to have it’s way.

He said he loved me
Whispered that it wasn’t a sin
So I let him come closer
made attempts to take off my clothes.
Every thing that happened that day
died that day but is replayed in my head
once every two days.
It wasn’t rape,
it isn’t ever!
when someone calls you forever
and attaches baby to your name
then leaves you hanging after he
has had his way
So when the demons came and whispered to me I knew to listen, to heed and stiffen my heart to the voices of all those who claimed they loved me
I wouldn’t fight when they asked me to end my life cos I knew they were right
This world wasn’t made for one as feeble as I

For ~Red


Butterfly Cigarette 

Written by Elysian Huyz 

I am a mother of two
soon to be mother of one
and then mother to tombs 
casted so delicately that
no one can see.

But they were just kids!
Kids that didn’t get to
play in the rain,
suffer from malaria
once a month,
get discriminated against.
They didn’t get the chance
to make the same mistake 
I made like giving birth 
twice before turning fifteen.

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Written by Elysian Huyz 
When one becomes two
And two becomes three
Together and glued
But someone must lose
One must choose 
It’s got to be me on the ground
Am the one not to be found
Lost in the noisy crowd
Forgotten but proud
When two becomes one
And three becomes two
I am left behind


Art; Shelby McQuiilkin

Written by Elysian Huyz

Am holding on to a falling star

And as we fall together in the dark

The wounds in our hearts glow

But they see it and they marvel

Wishing as we fall below

But they do not know

That the beautiful flames

Form dust from our burning hearts

And soon we’ll disappear

Like this love was never here

We’ll fade into the breezing air

Then your love would come to be

As ours rest in peace

Falling Star

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Written by Elysian Huyz 

I close my eyes and cry with a loud voice
This cannot be of my own choice
Why can’t I escape?
Why can’t I break the chains?
I try to open my eyes but I can’t
Feeling a deep burn in my left chest
I try to arise from the casket
but I can not move
I try to blink, to move my hand

but am in slow motion in sinking sand

I scream but the sound’s stuck in my throat, no one’ here-in

Then I knew!

This would be the end.

I relent, letting the darkness take my hand
Then a bright blinding light came before my eyes
I see myself at a table in a dark room
Then I unconsciously start to write
On what or with what I knew not
I wrote as I cried
Stories of all our lives

Warnings to this our time

Of things that were and are to come.

Humans beware…


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No Title 

Written by Elysian Huyz 
I’m not much of a story teller

But this story I must tell

Its about someone you know

You pass her by everyday

You see him in class in a corner

You try not to look in his face

You say she’s not yours to save

As you give reasons to look away

His name is huyz and he likes to write

Her name is Ann, she has brown eyes

But you probably don’t know

You’ve never gone close or said hello

To you he is invisible

And if you associate it’ll spoil your name

She dresses funny and cries at night

He is shy and has an introverted mind

With a bleeding heart that hurts as it beats 

He smiles and laughs as a mask

She wears her headphones every time,

A futile effort to silence the screams within

Yes, you’ve seen him walk by

With her face pinned to the ground

You stared, turnd aroubd and sook your head

What a weird fella you said to yourself

You never really tried to understand

You just watched and judged all her faults

Last November you didn’t see him for a while

You didn’t notice or bother to ask why

After all, she’s not your friend so why pretend

You give a damn? 

There was an accident the night you passed him by

Her mother died but she survived

The only one that cared had left to the skies

He was left alone, broken and petrified

She grow up not knowing her dad, mum was all she had

Deep down he wishes he died that night as well

For life seemed less torturous than a firry hell

She had always felt strange and insecure

But that December was out of control and too cold

Yes, you didn’t know…before January she lost a soul

He was laid to rest side his mum but I guess you didn’t know. 

This is a very hard story for me to tell

And unlike fairytales it didn’t end so well.

Would the odd feeling in your belly disappear

If I told you this story’s from my head?

Well…you conclude, what do you think?

Am not saying you should care

Be superman, read minds

Fly in the air saving hearts in despair

But next time you pass by…stop by

Next time in class…say Hi

Consider trying to ask why

Smile at her

Wave cheerfully from afar


Attempt to understand

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A Poison Tree by William Blake

I was angry with my friend;
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.
And I waterd it in fears,
Night morning with my tears:
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.
And it grew both day and night.
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine.
And into my garden stole,
When the night had veild the pole;
In the morning glad I see;
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

This is one of my favorite poems. It was recited by Klaus in the The Originals. It explains how far an apology can go and also how dangerous a grudge could be. 

Photography : A painting by Katherine Stone

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One snort at a time

One draw and am stuck

Just a sight of her and am blind

Somehow she picked the lock

A big blow to my mind.

Blood rush into the veins blocked

Again my heart floods,
One kiss on the cheek turns two,
Then three.
One whisper and am the fool

Cos I won’t set me free

When am with the key. 

A glance lingers into a stare

And a stare into a nightmare.

Is it love?

For am not prepared

Its onething am not sureof

I hate this cocaine

But I love her for am frail
It takes and takes in vain
I chase, break and then inhale
She comes, goes and then stays
Stop! No! Alright okay…
Kiss me then run away

Gosh! It happened again.

Woke up on the bathroom floor,

  • Woke up to her received calls,

Guess the breakup didn’t work
I give up!

Why fight when you can’t win
Why pray when you’ll still sin
Love is stuck within me

Its cocaine


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“Pendulum” Written by Charles Nnamuka, the oddly sad parts were written by yours emotionally…Elysian Huyz.

The more I fight who I am,
The more I become who I don’t want to be, him, there’s no difference.


Maybe its true,

Maybe the road a man takes to ensure his unbecoming

Is usually the road to his becoming.

Maybe it’s woven in the very thread of my existence.

I feel it in the narrow crevices within my bones.


I am helplessly meant to be me.

I have to do exactly according to what is already done

But guarded by time, and unleashed gradually, second by second.

I have to do only what is permissible by time.

…sometimes it is called destiny

And other times; fate.


Lest, to time, I become a prey

I can only tell you about me today

Cause tomorrow, I’ll be gone

And tomorrow, he will take on.


Much of the time, I can’t stop my thoughts.

Whoever tomorrow shall make of me

I’ve always wondered…

The height he’ll attain

Or his nothingness retain.

the hearts he’ll touch

Or the ones he’ll crush.

The lips he’ll kiss

And the sort he’ll dismiss.


I keep seeing how sadness strips happiness off her colored cloak

How deceit robs sincerity off her gracious smoke.

I yearn to be what I am not -well, everyone became what they weren’t afterall.


To whatever pace, tomorrow’s music plays

I can only wish he’ll make the best moves.

I am convinced life is not as juicy as a watermelon without seed

Neither is it as rosy as the Kardashians make it seem.

The greenness of the grass on the other side of the fence

Can no longer be trusted.


Yesterday was promising,

But today tells me hope lied

And tomorrow looks completely bleak.

Whoever is taking on from me…I wish him luck.

Destiny would be the death of me.

All efforts barely counting.

‎Just to seem less harsh of me

I have given a pat on my own back,

And when the aura becomes cheery,

He will not forget I started the Journey

The monster that I’ve become scares me.


Let me be sincere like I usually am.

I don’t want to be weak

I don’t want to be used

I don’t want the kingdom

If he has to be my heir

I simply want to be me today.

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Love’ Better Half

​Humbled by your love

My hate fades into oblivion

Brightened by your wisdom

My ignorance shatters into photons

Amazed by your innocence

My flaws run out the door

Captured by your laughter

My frown ignites into smiles

Graced by your mercy

My wrath bursts into dust

Lost in the shadow of sorrow

To your joyful gaze of coy I braced

From filth, shame and guilt you saved

In love your all you gave

Time and time again

The definition of my joy is you,

Halcyon moments of brightest hue

You are the “happy” in my “ness”

My light in days of darkness

You are the face of my smile

Held in your arms

My fears fled into merry tears

Love struck by your beauty

My beasty looks lose significance

Blessed by your gentleness

My wrath sublimes into peace

Embraced by your kiss

My drawn being drowns in bliss

You’re the reason I be

The perfect half of me

I love you constantly

Now and still

For you’re my Konstan-tin