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Black Valentine

Morning after
Cough it out
Three weeks later
Am ill
Six months after
it kicks, so
I count my sins
Name them
Paint them
with shame
upon my skin
for all to see

Morning after
Painful laughter
Do I still love her
asked the baby’s
daddy two days
stutters at her
then names it
after the sun
of a gold digger.
Still bitter two
decades later
Everytime she
sees her
she remembers
the I love you
that was filtered,
the glitters,
spine quivers
he gave
then took away
prior to the day
she prayed
for him to stay
and thereafter
on her back,
for him to
all he couldn’t
give her
then made away
with a scar
into her grace
A baby she
could not afford
nor forestall

Two mornings after
turned into a blank
to a baby
from a crazy
daddy claiming
responsibility for
an ejaculation
twenty unmarked
graves later
But don’t be
I forgave her
for the abortion
that was mentioned
thirty seconds
before she ran out
the theatre
and spat me out
nine months later

into a gutter.

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Don’t talk to Strangers

Written by Elysian Huyz

One day when we break then crumble into pieces of melting ice
Remember how much I tried to shield us from the heat of our shy pride
Am not conceding defeat,
And I know the world was once at our feet
right before the spark in your memories
ignited like morning stars, exploded and died.
This is not a battle cry but a warning
A great storm is coming
I feel it in the swiftness of your kiss and in the
false resonance of your sleeping heartbeat.
Come home before the clouds become too grey and you lose your way, remember you said
the prettiest of hearts are not won but made.
So we hugged until our hearts turned to gold,
the glimmer in your eyes seemed a little dull so you thought to replace me with a diamond but baby maybe
This smile you take for granted today would someday fade and no one else would love you like this lump in my chest, if that day ever comes
Remember how hard I cried to keep you away from the siren songs of frozen mermaids

Butterfly Cigarette 

Written by Elysian Huyz 

I am a mother of two
soon to be mother of one
and then mother to tombs 
casted so delicately that
no one can see.

But they were just kids!
Kids that didn’t get to
play in the rain,
suffer from malaria
once a month,
get discriminated against.
They didn’t get the chance
to make the same mistake 
I made like giving birth 
twice before turning fifteen.

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Written by Elysian Huyz 
When one becomes two
And two becomes three
Together and glued
But someone must lose
One must choose 
It’s got to be me on the ground
Am the one not to be found
Lost in the noisy crowd
Forgotten but proud
When two becomes one
And three becomes two
I am left behind


Art; Shelby McQuiilkin

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Forever is two minutes Away

Forever is two minutes away
As I walk with hands in mine
Across the isle
And I have to smile
Footsteps glued in iron shoes
Music light like heaven’s gate
Love has absolutely nothing to prove
Forever is twenty footsteps away
But I won’t say that am afraid
Escorted by aged smiles and empty graves
Whispers saying stop and run away
Lonely eyes say you’re making a mistake
But Forever is just two seconds away
Your mistake is two words away
I do is not always ok
I do is not always the right way
I do becomes smoke on an ash tray
The love becomes ash of the cigarette
Love isn’t do or die, its hit or miss
Love is a fun game of russian roulette
Its a game of scooby go fetch
Shaggy is standing by the priest
And scooby is back with the stick
Someday someone would get tired, bored or love sick
Probably the scooby in white with shaky legs and a masking vail