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Written by Elysian HuyZ

How this smile of yours weakens my ability to stiffen  walls around my heart

Allowing the tiny arrows of love to radiate from your eyes into my chest

Leaving me helpless at the mercy of your love

Ifemi, the roar of mountains and the silence of heaven wouldn’t part me from your gaze

My heart is yours now, do with it whatever you please

And you can feed it to dogs or keep it safe close to yours

However, whatever you do, I’d love you all the same.

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Why Roses are Red

Written by Elysian Huy

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If I knew the right thing to do
Our moon wouldn’t be half full

Thats a polite way to say am confused
and I don’t know what to do.
All my strength’s gone,
The only thing left is my love for you.
There’s no push or fight left in my bones
So if you let go now I’d float away

A promise is a promise and
Word is bound.
My I love you I can’t return
So I’d love you and no one else,
I’d love you with or without regrets
Cos that’s what I said.
I wouldn’t leave cos I said I’d stay,
These lips would never kiss anyone else even when pressed against a stone
And my dreams would always remind me of when we were golden
When you loved me a little less than I loved you

You can go
Go see the world
Go climb mountains
Go swim fountains
Go around the world and when you return I’d be right were you left me

For your love to love me once again or leave me to be free.

Art : AzimuthArt @ Deviant Art

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Written by Elysian Huyz 

Where can love take you except hell

Where it hurts so much you’d wish you were dead

Where can love take you except inside a shell

Where you scream and scream for help
When you imprisoned yourself
You had the key but you swallowed it instead
Where can love take you that wouldn’t hurt
Where can love take you that won’t leave scars
Absolutely nowhere!
Get ready for love and also for pain
Cos where can love take you except the grave
Such a shame, after all you gave
Love still gave you away to be its slave
Where can love leave you except in chains
Now leave me…don’t want to love again
I’ll let you be but its way too late
You’ve been in too deep
Where can love take you except where hearts bleed
Where can love take you except a dark place
Where can love take you except an insanity ward
Alone, scared and utterly mad
Angry at yourself, cursing gloom and doom
Where can love leave you except in a body bag
Where can love leave you except a lion’s den
Where can love take you except where you’ve been
Where can love take you except where you are
Where can love take you except to this crazy poem?

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To my beloveth Demon

Written by Elysian Huyz

To my beloved demon

who doesn’t love me anymore.

Two months after, it doesn’t hurt as much,

At least not as much as it used to,

Not what I got used to.

I am man enough to admit I appreciate your silence

It kept me from running out my mind

Every missed call,

Every ignored text led me farther away from insanity.

I just want to say thank you

for breaking me into a thousand pieces

Your cruelty made me into the monster I am today

Its the picture of your smiling face as you walked away with my essence in your hand

That gives me strength to sleep at night after I make someone else pay for your crime.

After all, the entire world is terrible.

You and I are insignificant proof of that evil.

I hated you for the first two months

But now I owe you my gratitude

You were the reason I couldn’t sleep at night

Now you are the reason I do.

Thank you.

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My Excuse

Written by Elysian Huyz
I saw the life of another man flash before my eyes and I didn’t even blink
I see it every day but I just turn away
Cos what can I do?
What difference can I make?
That’s my excuse,
What’s yours?

I know pain!
I see it every day
On my way to work
Lying breathless on the broken side walk,
Hawking needles in a war thorn zone,
Picking pockets and stealing phones.
What else can I do but claim not to know?
Well, thats my excuse,
What’s yours.

How much is a sachet of water worth?
How do you take a walk
In a stony desert and not get hurt?
I should know how much a tainted soul costs cos I have one
I know others
With broken thoughts, sold souls.
Thieves and looters with glass homes.

Am not much fortunate myself
But at least I have a home and I eat three times a day
I have internet on my phone and fake people on my Facebook wall.
All I have to worry about is my internet speed,
The cost of data and if there’ll be power.
I have water to drink and drinks to spill
My greatest challenge is how to avoid direct eye contact with those at the motor park.
How to escape those kids that try to hold my hand.
I don’t have enough money to take care of me how much more them.
They’re the government’s problem.
Well, that’s my excuse,
What’s yours.

I know pain
I feel it in the eyes of the children that struggle to hold my hand under the scorching sun in a crowded bus station as they beg for just another meal.
I pretend like its normal
Cos they’re smiling
Of course we’re the world’s happiest people
Maybe that’s something to brag about
But what can ten naira buy?
How many can a dollar feed?
Maybe it can save a tainted soul
Like mine.
Let’s all look for someone else to blame
Well, that’s our excuse
What’s yours?

How are you?
When last did you have a bath?
You might end up getting pregnant like your fifteen year old mother.
Why are you not in school?
Its 10am and you have cold water dripping on your shoulder
How did you get the lines on your forehead?
Your palms are too rough for a thirteen year old.
How often do you cry?
Don’t answer cos no one asked
No one cared.
Let’s all pretend
Let’s pretend we’re blind
Its normal
And there’s no need to be kind.
Well, thats my excuse,
What’s yours?

Forgive my ignorance,
I do not know pain.
I have not been raped in broad day light
I haven’t slept in the shadows of a full moon’ sight
I haven’t had the pleasure of a cold floor’s delight
I haven’t starved
I haven’t been on my knees before
I haven’t begged, I barely know how to say please
I haven’t watched my daughter die
So when I say I know pain…
I lie!!
Well, what’s my excuse?

Someday when am rich enough
When am bold enough
When am strong enough
When am smart enough
When am kind enough
I’d be the one standing in the front line with a cross on my chest.
I’d help take away some suffering from this world.
Well, that’s my excuse.

Photography: UNICEF Niger

Written by Elysian Huyz

Am holding on to a falling star

And as we fall together in the dark

The wounds in our hearts glow

But they see it and they marvel

Wishing as we fall below

But they do not know

That the beautiful flames

Form dust from our burning hearts

And soon we’ll disappear

Like this love was never here

We’ll fade into the breezing air

Then your love would come to be

As ours rest in peace

Falling Star

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The Pill

Written by : Elysian Huyz

Before we go any further

there’s something scary you must know

And after this you can just run away,

You’re under no obligation to stay.
You see I’ve never been lucky with love

I always get too deeply involved,

For me love is an addictive drug.

I always want too much even when it hurts,

After every episode of untimely outburst

I wake up unconscious on the floor.
I take one pill at first

Until I can no longer control the lost

Then I take three, four or more

Sincerely, sometimes I forget to keep scores

It goes on and on and on, then off and on

Until am unaware of myself and drowning in regret two heartbreaks later
Anyway, this pill is a pretty piece of flesh

Dipped in snake venom coloured red

And implanted in a hopeless romantic

Brown eyed slender faced nerdy guy named fred

Who has a mindless yearning for happy endings.
I fall deeply

With the hope that your heart would soon

Beat as heavily as mine

That your eyes would sink as deep as mine


I always want too much even when it hurts
After every episode of untimely outburst

I wake up unconscious on the floor
I take one pill…three…four…or more…
Art: Lena Sotskova

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Temptation Phase

Written by : Elysian Huyz

Anyways I can foretell one ending to this story.

In case I wake up tomorrow and I don’t remember you I want you to know

That I wrote a poem specially for you.

A poem you’ll never get to read,

That’s why am taking my time to say goodbye in case I don’t get the chance to compromise.

I want you to know..

If I could love again I’d choose to love you

If the throb of my heart could tug again I’d give it to you

If my eyes could glow once more I’d only look at you

So if I wake up tomorrow and I forget how I feel today

I’d be grateful I got to behold your lovely gaze

The quiver of my bones is thankful, for in that short moment, I knew happiness with you.

If I wake up in the morning remembering nothing but my grievous past

If am overshadowed by scrambled memories 

and I end up a blank slate

Look at me, smile and walk past

Knowing am way passed saving 

Smile knowing I would have given up the love I can’t seem to let go….for you.

Yours truly,

Elysian Huyz. 

 Art :  Connie Chadwell

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She’s more myself than I am

Written by Elysian Huyz

These days am so busy I don’t have time to think,

The job doesn’t pay much but I do it anyways 

It takes so much that at the end of the day I don’t have energy enough to feel

I just fall into the loneliest corner of my bed and drain out whatever memory I had of you.

This is a good thing,

Considering am an insomniac.

It usually takes 30 minutes before I realize I should probably sleep.

Then thoughts of impending doom start flying into my head.

Am sorry,

Lately I’ve not been able to write.

I get inspiration once in a while,

When she mistakenly trips into my mind.

Then it aches… 

My mind,

My heart,

I don’t know which. 


Beautiful Mondays

I love Mondays.

But Sundays

Mundane Sundays,

I abandoned the father 

So on Sundays I don’t get down on my knees to pray 

I just sit and reminice on the pain 

The incident  that occurred 7 months 

20 days and some hours ago

No,  am not counting. 

 Am sorry you left me

It was probably my fault

Probably because I didn’t realize how empty I’d be without you breathing down my neck,

I didn’t realize how important you were

I thought you’d always be there

Always be mine

I never dreamt of leaving you so I felt our dreams were the same.

How insane.

So this is just a futile attempt to hide from you

But it’s working,

At least for the time being.

Last night I had a dream which  confirms that you’re rooted in my subconscious.

I was on a road,

I saw you from a distance 

Running away.

From what I couldn’t understand.

So as I always do I went down that road chasing after you. 

In the dream I catch up with you

You hug me and  kiss me 

You say you miss me

You regret leaving

You love me. 

As I write this, the dream fades from my mind,

the scenery of your elusive presence is erased.

I woke up realizing it was night and I was alone


You were never here all along.


Tomorrow is Monday 

But no matter how hard I work

No matter how hard I try to forget,

I can never for get myself 

And that’s what I made you into – me.

So when Monday comes I’ll continue my futile efforts to get rid of the you in myself.

Art: Wyeth Andrew