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Empty Awakening

Written by Elysian Huyz

After a long time I saw you

In my dream again,

and by long time I mean

Six months and two days.

Nothing had changed,

We were still enemies

I still hated but wanted ou,

You still had that careless look,

Like I wasn’t even there.

The difference?

I didn’t wake up with heavy eyes

or a troubled mind.

You were gone in the night

and gone after I woke up.

It just didn’t matter anymore!

Art: Netanel Moran

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Written by Elysian Huyz

Numb to all pain but that which hurts The scars on wrists scream in testimony

But I just gaze in thoughtless wonder At the wounds that make this all bearable
The pain doesn’t hurt less cos
Pain knows pain
As skin knows blade

Take a moment from outside the circle Come see how red blood cells sickle See only the horror of our ways
As the poison flows through open veins But wait, look!
The shadows go brighter, screams less louder,
In one moment everything fades into nothingness,
Silence traps tranquillity in my erupting mind.
I don’t hurt me…I hurt those that hurt me;
The monsters and voices that keep calling
The choices and mistakes that keep reoccurring
The chronic insomnia that leaves me stalling.
This is how to take away their power. In one flash of blade peace finds me Then leaves again
Paving way
For predators to return to their prey High court, supreme judge..
You don’t know where it hurts
Just where it cuts
Stop treating the wrong cause, Accusing the wrong source,
You only making it worse.
Its all…
Candle wax, burn scars, skin holes Flying darts, hidden marks, Broken parts, fading laughs Needle sharp, lonely heart.

Art: South Yorkshire outsider artist Paul

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Dotted Lines

Written by Elysian HuyZ

The sun set on my face this morning

Awaking me from my slumber

tickling my thoughts to laughter

At the very mention of your name.

As long as the sun stood smiling

my heart kept aching for you

knocking on my chest,

Just to hear your singing.

The sun tricked me and fell asleep

Leaving me at the mercy of your absence.

I miss you…!

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letters for a certain nobody. #2

Fallen Alone

14th April, 2017.
3:42 pm.

i miss the way your heart used to fuck mine in the middle of a crowd, as everyone looked over at us, without ever seeing how fast they slammed against our ribcages, while we tried to cage our flailing valves and aching veins that were too tired to scream, and yet too obstinate to stop fighting.

it’s all too very still now.

my body has lost it’s rebellion, and my mind has lost it’s battle, as they both stand silently over the tomb where parts of you lived within me long ago. everything that moves today, does so in denial- because acceptance hurts.

you could sew bones back into their sockets, and joints back into their folds, but the tears at the creases where you folded my breast as a keepsake cannot be joined anymore than you can reset the calendars to sail back through…

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Heart of Gold

Written by Elysian Huyz

Dry your eyes
Life is going to come back to your bones
Stop your cries
You’re surely going to grow old
So let those fears go
Crack a smile to every sad mile
All you need is just try
Leave all your failures far far behind
Your plans will soon fall in line
Cease your worries
They’re all going to come back home jolly
Don’t give up praying
Persians can’t stop rain, answer is on its way
Never stop loving
She might feel the same and its never a waste
Just stop running
No one’s chasing, breathe, it’ll be okay
Awake, cease the screams
Your fears are fake, its all just a dream
Give yourself a break
You’re no machine or perfect for love’s sake
Forsake such melancholy
Be merry for someday you’ll be happy eternally

Art: Scott Burdick

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Written by Elysian Huyz

Our father

Who art in heaven

Its been a while, 

My name is heathen

If you remember

We spoke twice last year

Anyways that’s by the way

That’s not why am here

Well, I know am an infidel 

That’s why I kiss and tell

Forgive me if you can

If not I await hell

You see mama hasn’t been well

My pride has kept my knee unbent 

Its getting worse

Am at a critical loss

I am much to blame

I caused her too many troubled days

Now I know we’re not good friends

Never in good terms

This is where our ends meet

So let’s make a deal

I’ll give you my soul

My life if you please

Just give mama a new beginning.


And permit me to walk away.

At the end I win

Cos the soul was yours all along

Art : Luke Hillestad

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Written by Elysian HuyZ

How this smile of yours weakens my ability to stiffen  walls around my heart

Allowing the tiny arrows of love to radiate from your eyes into my chest

Leaving me helpless at the mercy of your love

Ifemi, the roar of mountains and the silence of heaven wouldn’t part me from your gaze

My heart is yours now, do with it whatever you please

And you can feed it to dogs or keep it safe close to yours

However, whatever you do, I’d love you all the same.

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Why Roses are Red

Written by Elysian Huy

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If I knew the right thing to do
Our moon wouldn’t be half full

Thats a polite way to say am confused
and I don’t know what to do.
All my strength’s gone,
The only thing left is my love for you.
There’s no push or fight left in my bones
So if you let go now I’d float away

A promise is a promise and
Word is bound.
My I love you I can’t return
So I’d love you and no one else,
I’d love you with or without regrets
Cos that’s what I said.
I wouldn’t leave cos I said I’d stay,
These lips would never kiss anyone else even when pressed against a stone
And my dreams would always remind me of when we were golden
When you loved me a little less than I loved you

You can go
Go see the world
Go climb mountains
Go swim fountains
Go around the world and when you return I’d be right were you left me

For your love to love me once again or leave me to be free.

Art : AzimuthArt @ Deviant Art

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Written by Elysian Huyz 

Where can love take you except hell

Where it hurts so much you’d wish you were dead

Where can love take you except inside a shell

Where you scream and scream for help
When you imprisoned yourself
You had the key but you swallowed it instead
Where can love take you that wouldn’t hurt
Where can love take you that won’t leave scars
Absolutely nowhere!
Get ready for love and also for pain
Cos where can love take you except the grave
Such a shame, after all you gave
Love still gave you away to be its slave
Where can love leave you except in chains
Now leave me…don’t want to love again
I’ll let you be but its way too late
You’ve been in too deep
Where can love take you except where hearts bleed
Where can love take you except a dark place
Where can love take you except an insanity ward
Alone, scared and utterly mad
Angry at yourself, cursing gloom and doom
Where can love leave you except in a body bag
Where can love leave you except a lion’s den
Where can love take you except where you’ve been
Where can love take you except where you are
Where can love take you except to this crazy poem?